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1. Prepare your House for Sale:

Prepare your house for sale according to marketing requirements and demands. An experienced real estate agent can help you do it, or you can do it yourself. First thing you need to do is declutter your home, hide and store your personal items, your pictures, so when the buyers come in they can picture themselves living here. Remove access furniture and things you don't use every day. For the time being you can put it in your garage or pack for moving. You can decorate your house. Try to do it in less expansive way. Just get some flowers, hand the paintings on the empty walls, buy some decorative pillows, etc. Most buyers buy emotionally. They have to fall in love with your place at first sight.


Make sure there is a clean access to your driveway, and backyard, and they look pretty.

If necessary you can even change the grass on your backyard and plant some flowers in flowerbeds, if it is a summer time.

2. Decide on the Price of You House

You can decide about the price of your house by comparing it to other properties that were sold or are for sale based on the comparative market analysis in the are. This can be prepared by a professional real estate agent for you. The price of the property can vary depending on the layout, condition, the size, a particular location of the house and many other parameters. For example if your property overlooks the greenspace this will increase its price.

3. Effective Contemporary Marketing of Your Property

In this day and age marketing plays a crucial role  in success of your real estate transaction. Your property has to advertised on all possible social media platforms, such as: facebook, instagram abd youtube, pinterest and many more, as well as on realtors website, kijiji, craigslist, local newspapers. It is very helpful if your real estate agent has at least a few hundred buyers on her mailing list, and an effective high-tech website design especially for marketing and attracting buyers for your property. 

You can also host an open houses, or your real estate agent can do it for you.

4. Effective Way of Meeting the Potential Buyer

First of all make sure you take care and provide your safety.

Try to show your property in a convenient time for the buyer. When a potential buyer comes to see your house or condo, do not follow the, leave them and let them wonder around the house freely so they can see it, picture themselves living there. Give them the freedom to feel how they would feel if they lived there. Try not to have any conversations or discuss anything with the buyer. Only answer their questions. You can give a short info about the location and specific features of your property. 

5. Offer and Negotiation

When you get the offer be smart and wise when negotiating with the buyer. If the offer is too low do not send your buyers away. The rule here is to respect your buyers. No matter how low the price is start working with them with patience anyways, this will help you get the price you want for your property.

Most buyers start with a very low offer, but they will increase the price as you negotiate and work with them in the right and effective way.

In case the buyer is not moving the price up - this is not your buyer.

Just relax and continue selling your house, the right buyer will come soon, especially with the proper & professional marketing. 

In the offer you should no only negotiate the price with with the buyer, but many other parameters as well, as it is a legal and serious document. 

The closing date can be an important point to pay attention to, you should carefully read and negotiate on the clauses which the buyer's agent put in the agreement. 

You can give buyer 3-4 days for financial conditions and mortgage approval.

In todays market the sum of the deposit that is mentioned in the offer should be more than $20,000.

As with all legal documents and transactions it is important to make sure that your rights as a seller are protected in the agreement.

6. Professional Help

All of the above can be challenging to understand and do on your own - a highly qualified professional help is very beneficial and often required for a successful, desired outcome of your real estate transition. 

With my experience, determination, strategic marketing and knowledge of the market I will help you sell your property easily and for top dollar.

The best & easiest way to proceed with this, is to fill the form below, letting me know what you are planning to sell, and I will contact you, answer all you questions, and help you sell your property for the best possible price.


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I'm, Tania Petrak, an experienced award-winning Real Estate Broker who has been in this business for more than 15 years. During this time I've been successfully helping my clients buy and sell residential and commercial properties. Prior to that I was a lawyer back home. I have worked successfully with both residential and commercial properties. The Higher education and diverse experience give me a truly unique perspective on how to serve my clients and protect their interests in the best way possible.

My clients say that I am one of the best negotiators on the market and at the same time I am very intelligent, honest and trustworthy. These qualities allow me to get the best deals for my clients, while they have a very pleasant experience closing their real estate transactions successfully and working with me.

I specialize working in your area, as well as the entire GTA.

I would love to schedule a telephone conversation with you, meet you and discuss how we can turn your real estate dreams into reality.

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